‘Pro-Life’ Pastor Warns Police Will Attack Church, Screams at Churchgoers on Easter Sunday: ‘Take Them Stupid Masks Off!’

COVID-19 denier Pastor Greg Locke screamed at his congregation at the Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, to take off their masks during Easter Sunday, a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection to life of Jesus Christ.

Locke warned churchgoers that the U.S. military might invade their church because they do not wear masks (and spread the deadly coronavirus that has killed 550,000 people), notes the Friendly Atheist:

… [Law enforcement] will roll up in tanks. They will drop down from helicopters. And I promise you it won’t be a dozen police out there from Wilson County and from Mt. Juliet. It’s going to take the entire United States military to roll up into this parking lot and tell us, “Hey, we can’t worship Jesus, and that we got to shut our church down, and that we can’t preach, and we can’t pray, and we can’t…” You have lost your mind if you think I’ve given in to that! You have lost your mind if you think I’m giving into that mess! We are staying open forever! Forever!

And unless you’re under a doctor’s orders — and a few of you are — take them stupid masks off when you come to Global Vision [Bible Church]. There, I said it on Easter. Take them stupid masks off… That’s crack smokin’ crazy is what that is.

(Sources: Friendly Atheist, Global Vision Bible Church)

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