‘Pro-Life’ Pastor Holds Maskless Rally Against COVID-19 Safety Rules in Nashville While Infections Surge

“Pro-life” and pro-Trump Pastor Greg Locke held a maskless rally against COVID-19 safety rules — mask, social distancing, shutdowns — in Nashville, Tennessee (where COVID-19 cases are surging) on Nov. 23, notes WKRN:

We have closed down the greatest economy on the planet because of fear, and the bible said that God’s not given us a spirit of fear but of love and power and of a sound mind. Open the schools, open the churches, open the businesses! There is no reason to destroy the middle class so we can get to a place where we are more dependent upon the government.

Nashville Mayor Cooper started a “Rule of 8” on Nov. 23 to mandate a gathering be 8 people or less, which was clearly violated by Locke’s rally.

(Sources: WKRN, WTVF)

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