‘Pro-Life’ Ohio Republican Wants End to All COVID-19 Life-Saving Regulations, While Deaths Increase

Ohio state Rep. Jena Powell, who claims to be pro-life, called for an end to a statewide mask-wearing mandate and other life-saving regulations that apply to businesses on Aug. 11.

WOIO and the Tribune Chronicle reported that Ohio deaths from COVID-19 are increasing and have topped 4,000.

Powell tweeted an open letter she wrote to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and House Speaker Bob Cupp that also called for schools to fully-reopen and to “take pandemic powers out of the hands of bureaucrats,” an apparent reference to the state health department.

Powell tweeted on Sept. 3 how she wants all COVID-19 restrictions for schools and for businesses to end.

While Powell wants less life-saving regulations during the biggest pandemic in the U.S. history since the Spanish Flu of 1918, she recently told The Christian Post how God is using her “voice to fight for truth and justice”:

At a young age, I knew I was supposed to do something; I just wasn’t sure what that was until God brought me into the political realm. As a female in politics, God uses my voice to fight for truth and justice, and while justice is not relative to the voice fighting for it, my voice as a female will hopefully inspire other women to join the fight. The world is hurting, and I get the honor to speak the truth, working to help others day in and day out.

(Sources: Rep. Jena Powell/Twitter, Rep. Jena Powell/Twitter, The Christian Post, WOIO, Tribune Chronicle)

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