‘Pro-Life’ Kirk Cameron Says California is a ‘Communist State’ Because of Lifesaving COVID-19 Rules

Trump supporter and actor Kirk Cameron told The Christian Post that he is suspicious about how COVID-19 got started (despite logical scientific explanations):

Something doesn’t seem quite right about all of this. There’s something else going on [more than] just there’s a really bad virus out there. I don’t know who all the players are and how all of that works.

Cameron complained that his California county had “only two deaths from coronavirus yet all of our churches are shut down” (which is the goal of COVID-19 prevention rules, to limit the spread).

Cameron also accused California Gov. Gavin Newsom of turning the state into a “communist state” (with lifesaving COVID-19 safety protocols) :

It’s like the communist state of California out here. Our governor has been referred to affectionately as “Governor Newsolini.” That’s a reference, obviously, to big government control and that’s what’s going on out here. Businesses are shut down, over half of them will never recover, small businesses, in counties where there’s not even any cases of the coronavirus.

Every death is a tragic death from coronavirus, but we know so much more about the virus now than we did in the very beginning, way back in March. It was like, “If I open my windows, is something going to come in through the window and kill everybody?” Well, now we know that the virus is pretty particular. It goes after people who are elderly and have fragile health, and so they need to be protected.

In reality, COVID-19 is not “particular” and has infected people of all ages and health statuses. Older people and those with certain pre-existing conditions do have a higher fatality rate.

Cameron went on to say that only infected people should be quarantined, but failed to note that the coronavirus is often asymptomatic (do not show symptoms) which is why mass quarantines and shutdowns have been needed to to slow the virus and not overload hospitals, which is happening right now in Wisconsin:

You don’t isolate the healthy people, you quarantine the sick people, and those who are in high-risk categories, like grandma or grandpa. But the rest of the people need to go out and become immune and be strong and keep everything going. The numbers and the data don’t seem to matter, which makes this whole thing so weird.

Cameron falsely claimed that the “best virologists and doctors” say that safety masks are ineffective (even though most of the medical community has endorsed masks):

Kids seem to do fine with the coronavirus, but all of the schools are shut down. The best virologists and doctors are talking about the ineffectiveness of masks, some are saying that they are effective. So I think all of us are just sort of wondering, “What’s propaganda? What’s truth?”

(Sources: The Christian Post, The Guardian, Scripps Research, Vox, Wisconsin Watch)

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