‘Pro-Life’ Evangelicals On Artificial Intelligence: We Deny That Disease ‘Can Ultimately Be Eradicated Apart From Jesus’

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, has released a statement on artificial intelligence (AI) that claims it is not possible to eradicate disease apart from Jesus:

We deny that death and disease—effects of the Fall—can ultimately be eradicated apart from Jesus Christ. Utilitarian applications regarding healthcare distribution should not override the dignity of human life. Furthermore, we reject the materialist and consequentialist worldview that understands medical applications of AI as a means of improving, changing, or completing human beings.

The statement is signed by numerous “pro-life” advocates, including leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, Russell Moore (head of the ELRC), Jim Daly (head of Focus on the Family), Erick Erickson (editor of The Resurgent), Richard Land (head of Southern Evangelical Seminary), Karen Swallow Prior (teacher at Liberty University), and John Stonestreet (head of Colson Center for Christian Worldview).

Forbes reported in 2018 how artificial intelligence is already being used in health care for better outcomes and is saving lives.

(Sources: ERLC, Forbes, Photo Credit: COMSEVENTHFLT/Flickr)

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