Pro-Life Evangelicals Hold Crowded Church Service to Deny COVID-19 and Support Trump Reelection

Pro-Trump evangelicals — Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D’Souza, Kirk Cameron, Cissie Graham Lynch, Pastor Rob McCoy, Pastor Jack Hibbs, David Harris Jr., and Dr. Dan Erickson — held a “Non-Essential” service on Oct. 18 to deny and play down the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed 219,765 Americans (WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE).

The pro-life evangelicals held their two-hour service inside Calvary Church in Chino Hills, where there appeared to be no mask wearing or social distancing.

The Friendly Atheist noted the highlights from this super-spreader event:

Dr. Dan Erickson opened the event with a speech saying you can’t avoid dangers forever and you can’t legislate risk. But his examples were skydiving and eating “gas station sushi” — the sorts of things that are not communicable diseases...

Pastor Rob McCoy, spread the debunked claim that only 6% of COVID deaths are actually related to COVID. He also lashed out against an unnamed church that said it would close down temporarily, saying they stood with “tyrannical officials” who closed schools and hurt the economy.

Cissie Graham Lynch, a granddaughter of Rev. Billy Graham, made a political speech without quite endorsing Donald Trump. Instead, she just implied that a Joe Biden administration would destroy Christianity by protecting LGBTQ rights and letting women have control over their own bodies.

(Sources: Friendly Atheist, Non-Essential/YouTube)

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