‘Pro-Life’ Evangelical Trump Supporters Are Silent as 1 American Dies Every 80 Seconds from COVID-19

“Pro-life” evangelical Trump supporters have been silent while the COVID-19 death rate increased to one death every 80 seconds in the U.S. over the past week.

NBC News reports on the alarming uptick of innocent deaths, which evangelicals are ignoring:

In July, a total of 26,198 deaths were reported, meaning one every 102 seconds. As of Wednesday morning, more than 158,000 people in the U.S. had died of the virus since the start of the pandemic...

U.S. has logged over 4.8 million confirmed cases. And around 1.8 million of those have come since July 7, when the 3 millionth case was reported.

Johns Hopkins University reports that the world death toll from coornavirus has passed 700,000.

President Donald Trump downplayed COVID-19 this week by falsely claiming it is “going away.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden responded: “Donald Trump continues to live in a world of delusion.”

(Sources: NBC News, Johns Hopkins University)

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