‘Pro-Life’ COVID-Denying Christian Trolls Twitter, While Nurse Risks Her Life For COVID Patients

“Pro-life” Christian activist and COVID-19 denier Abby Johnson trolled Twitter with numbers of people dying from smoking (as COVID-19 deaths rise), defiant boasts about celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas (doctors are warning about large gatherings), lectures to people not to be afraid of life (taking logical precautions) and a call for churches to ignore COVID-19 safety.

While Johnson trolled, nurse Lacie Gooch described her work trying to save people’s lives in the ICU of the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha:

We have 10 Covid units and one of them is just a place to go to pass away unfortunately. I have seen so many emergent intubations. I’ve seen people more sick than I’ve ever seen in my life.

(Source: Twitter)

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