‘Pro-Life’ Christian Radio Host Rants Against Life-Saving Masks, Social Distancing, Medical Experts

“Pro-life” Christian radio host Frank Sontag went on an angry rant on May 6 against life-saving masks, social distancing and medical experts whose scientific models change, as they should, in accordance with changing coronavirus cases and deaths.

Sontag, who has mocked people who fear the virus and denied there was a lack of PPE equipment, whined to his Los Angeles-based audience on KKLA about Neil Ferguson, who is part of the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team in the UK.

Sontag — who promotes an unproven COVID-19 cure — fumed that Ferguson said two million people would die from the deadly virus, but the pro-Trump evangelical radio host did not mention the “if nothing was done by governments and individualscontext, which was reported by the Washington Post on March 17:

The Imperial College London group reported that if nothing was done by governments and individuals and the pandemic remained uncontrolled, 510,000 would die in Britain and 2.2 million in the United States over the course of the outbreak.

(Sources: The Washington Post, KKLA)

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