‘Pro-Life’ Christian Radio Host Falsely Claims People Who Test Positive for COVID-19 Are Not New COVID-19 Cases

“Pro-life” Christian radio host Frank Sontag falsely claimed on his Dec. 8 broadcast on KKLA in Los Angeles — that people who test positive for COVID-19 are not new cases of COVID-19.

Sontag, who is a longtime COVID-19 denier, went on to say that someone only becomes a new COVID-19 case if they are “really sick and have to go to the hospital.”

If someone tests positive for any disease, including COVID-19, they are counted as a new case by medical and public safety authorities. There is no legal or medical requirement that says one must be hospitalized to actually be confirmed as a new case.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “more than 34,000 new coronavirus cases” were reported on Dec. 7 alone.

There have been a total of 1,421,783 cases and 20,273 COVID-19 deaths in California, as of Dec. 9, notes the Los Angeles Times.

(Sources: KKLA,, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times)

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