‘Pro-Life’ Christian Ministry Attacks Colorado Gov. Jared Polis For Supporting Universal Health Care

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of the Christian ministry Focus on the Family, is warning Christians about Democratic Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado because he supports universal health care.

The Family Policy Alliance, which claims to be “pro-life,” issued this scary warning about Polis and his supporters:

Their agenda is far-left progressive, including a government take-over of healthcare that would harm individuals and turn Colorado’s budget into a look-alike of California’s.

Polis, who believes “health care is a human right,” explained to Westword in August why the current system fails Coloradians and costs more when poor people do not have coverage:

As a system, having people uninsured is very costly because inevitably people who lack health care insurance are given very costly care in the emergency room rather than preventative care.

They are dealt with in a more costly way rather than if we simply did it up front through expanding a basic level of coverage to everybody. We should be able to save money and expand coverage.

The two go hand in hand. The route to saving money is expanding coverage, and the path to expanding coverage is reducing costs. The two go hand in hand.

Polis also explained how Americans are getting ripped off when it comes to prescription medications:

On the pharmaceutical side alone … we’re paying often five to ten times as much for the exact same prescription [than in other countries] because, for instance, Medicare — our largest payer in our country — is prevented from negotiating for prices on prescription drug rates.

Another major provider, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, is allowed to negotiate, so for that exact same drug, you have the VA paying one rate, Medicare paying another rate and private insurance paying another rate.

All of those rates are still above what the Germans, British and Canadians pay for a drug made in the same facility with the same box and the same dosage. [Polis is specifically referring to Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit program for Medicare recipients.]

…As governor, again, what I want to do through a multi-state consortium is to have negotiating power with providers and prescription drug companies. But yes, federally, I do support Medicare negotiating for prescription drug rates.

I also think we need to think outside of the box. I think we need to look at telemedicine opportunities in rural areas and reducing costs through mobile health clinics.

Having something like paid family and medical leave will increase the health of families and reduce costs by making sure mothers and fathers can be with their kids during the first few weeks of life and not be worried about losing their home by not making a rent payment.

The Family Policy Alliance also attacked Polis for supporting a woman’s legal right to an abortion and opposing discrimination against LGBT people:

Jared Polis and his allies aren’t just pro-choice. They are radically pro-abortion.

They aren’t just pro-LGBT. They want to force Coloradans to salute the LGBT agenda, even if it means violating your conscience – just as they tried to do with Jack Phillips.

As a matter of record, Phillips was never told to “salute the LGBT agenda,” but rather not to discriminate against gay people when selling cakes.

(Sources: Family Policy Alliance, Westword, PolisForColorado.com, Photo Credit: Rep. Jared Polis/Twitter)

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