‘Pro-Life’ Activist Abby Johnson Says Don’t Resist Police After They Kill Unarmed Black People, She Told Churches to ‘Fight’ the ‘Government’ by Defying COVID Safety Rules

Christian “pro-life” activist Abby Johnson took to Twitter on April 13 to tell people not to resist the police, after several high profile police killings of unarmed Black men were in the news.

In November 2020, Johnson, a longtime COVID-19 denier, told churches to “stand up and fight” the government by defying “lockdown, quarantine and any other orders related to this virus” during the second deadly wave.

Johnsonwho mocked the coronavirus danger in March 2020 and told people to stop posting information on how to avoid the coronavirus — complained about people allowing themselves to be controlled by government simply because they were following science-based COVID safety rules in May 2020.

(Sources: Twitter)

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