‘Pro-Life’ Activist Abby Johnson Cheered Trump’s Speech That Incited Deadly US Capitol Riot, 5 Dead

“Pro-life” activist Abby Johnson was in Washington D.C. where she supported President Donald Trump’s speech that incited a mass riot of his supporters at the U.S. Capitol that left five people dead on Jan. 6.

Johnson — a coronavirus denier — called Trump the “most prolife president of our country” even though Trump tried repeal Obamacare (which would have taken health coverage away from 20 million Americans), mocked those who wore masks (per the CDC), and failed to create a national plan to combat COVID-19, which has killed 364, 218 Americans.

Johnson also tweeted her support of Trump’s rally — which was organized to overturn the lawful presidential election that Trump lost by eight million votes — on Jan. 5.

(Sources: Abby Johnson/Twitter, Abby Johnson/Twitter)

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