Pro-Law Enforcement Whites Threaten to Kill George Floyd Protesters in Ohio

Pro-police, gun-toting Trump supporters cursed and threatened George Floyd supporters as police stood by and did nothing in a bizarre scene in Bethel, Ohio on June 14 (MORE VIDEO BELOW):

Traitors, take your *ss back to the parking lot! A bunch of f*cking traitors.

You’re in the wrong town! Get this on your phone — this ain’t Seattle. You’re not in a Democratic state here. We don’t put up with that sh*t. All lives matter!

This is a f*cking Republican state, b*tch. We don’t play here.

Thirty-six-year-old Andrea Dennis told the Cincinnati Enquirer how the law-and-order types threatened her life:

I was really scared because they were carrying guns and they were so aggressive. They were grabbing me and grabbing my mom and they just seemed to have no respect for the law.

Sixty-three-year-old Lois Dennis said how shocked she was by the pro-police thugs:

I knew there were counter-protests but I never dreamed that grown men would grab our signs and our person. It felt like we were walking a gauntlet. I saw a side of America that shamed me.

(Sources: Cincinnati Enquirer, Aaron Copeland/YouTube, Aaron Copeland/YouTube)

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