Pro-Kavanaugh Christian Group Prays Dr. Ford ‘Will Turn To Jesus’

Paul Weber, head of the Family Policy Alliance (the political arm of Focus on the Family), has strongly supported alleged sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court.

While taking a recent victory lap, Weber wrote: “We pray that [Christine Blasey Ford] will turn to Jesus and with His help, overcome the trauma she has endured.”

Before he assumed Ford has not turned to Jesus,  Weber whined about having to logically determine that Ford or Kavanaugh was telling the truth about the same incident:

Media talking heads spending hours on whether we should believe the accuser – Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – or Brett Kavanaugh.

Weber also falsely claimed that Ford’s accusation was “last minute” when she really brought it up in a letter to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California on July 30, noted USA TODAY.

At the time Kavanaugh was on list of potential nominees. Weber also blamed Feinstein for agreeing to keep Ford’s original request for anonymity:

A very last-minute accusation brought forward by Senator Feinstein accusing Judge Kavanaugh of misconduct while he was in high school. The Senator sat on this charge for weeks until all other means of deferring his nomination were exhausted.

Weber indulged in fearmongering by falsely claiming that  Democratic senators were blaming followers of the Family Pollcy Alliance donors for divisiveness in the nation:

And now, progressives like Senators Schumer, Feinstein, Booker, Harris and others are trying to ascribe the blame for divisiveness in our nation to the President, to conservatives, to Christians and… to you!

(Sources: Family Policy Alliance, Family Policy Alliance, USA TODAY)

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