Pro-Gun Dad Of Parkland Student Admits To Doctoring CNN Email That He Used To Attack CNN

Parkland, Florida, student Colton Haab backed out of a CNN town hall on gun violence on Feb. 21.

Glenn Haab, the boy’s pro-gun father, wanted his son to read a long speech on CNN, which CNN would not allow because of time constraints.

Colton told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Feb. 22 that a CNN producer tried to script his question, which CNN denied.

Glenn released emails from CNN to prove the scripting accusation, but CNN released their own copies of the emails, which were slightly different.

Business Insider published the two versions, which showed CNN telling Glenn that Colton needed to stick with the question “that he submitted.”

The words “that he submitted” were missing from Glenn’s version of the emails:

CNN said the email released by Glenn — to Fox News and other news outlets — had been doctored, reported Business Insider on Feb. 23.

Glenn now admits that he omitted the CNN producer’s words, “that he submitted,” in the email by accident, notes the Tampa Bay Times.

The key phrase “that he submitted,” proves that Colton had indeed submitted the question that he was going to read, and was not scripted by CNN.

Carlson attacked CNN on Feb. 23 for accusing the Haab family of altering the email (which Glenn admitted he did).

Carlson created a false premise that CNN had “declared” that “anyone who questioned the integrity of Parkland survivors” is a “monster” and “guilty of the most severe kind of moral crime,” notes

After establishing his false premise about CNN, Carlson attacked CNN: 

And yet CNN is doing the very same thing right now, questioning the integrity of a survivor because it suits them. So there’s some irony there.

Carlson and Fox News host Sean Hannity were pounded on Twitter for spreading the false story about CNN:

(Sources: Business Insider , Tampa Bay Times,, Twitter, Photo Credit: Fox News)

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