Private Prison Companies Pumped Record Amounts Of Money Into 2018 Elections, Especially Florida Republicans

The Center for Responsive Politics reports that private prison companies pumped $1.6 million into the 2018 midterm election in an effort to elect candidates who the support mass incarceration of Americans.

The Florida-based GEO Group — which manages 129 prisons, immigration detention centers, and youth facilities nationwide — donated $1.2 million to Florida candidates and causes, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

GEO donated $100,000 to a political action committee supporting Ron DeSantis, and GEO’s CEO George Zoley donated more than $100,000.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum refused prison industry contributions, and said private prisons “should not exist” and “ought to be illegal.”

GEO also donated at least $45,000 to Republican Ashley Moody, who won the election for state attorney general, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

GEO also pumped money into states with the highest incarceration rates in the world, like Alabama ($52,500), Oklahoma ($53,500), and Texas ($43,500).

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that a GEO subsidiary, Zoley, and his family donated an additional $200,000 to PAC committees supporting Republican Gov. Rick Scott in his run for the U.S. Senate.

(Sources: Center for Responsive Politics, Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Bay Times,, Dream Defenders/YouTube, Prison Policy InitiativeSouth Florida Sun Sentinel, Photo Credit: The GEO Group/Twitter)

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