Principal ‘Personally Offended’ By Students And Teachers Who Don’t Stand For Flag Pledge: Report

The American Humanist Association says Manhattan Beach Unified School District high school principal Dr. Ben Dale announced on the school intercom that he was “personally offended by any teacher or student who did not stand for the Pledge.”

Dale has reportedly canvassed the school to find out if anyone was not standing for the daily ritual, which is voluntary, not required, per the U.S. Supreme Court.

Monica Miller, a lawyer with the American Humanist Association, sent a letter to the school district to explain how Dale is allegedly violating legal boundaries, notes the Friendly Atheist:

Students at Manhattan Beach Unified School District schools do not deserve to be mistreated merely because they choose to exercise their constitutional rights.

Based on the above, we demand the following written assurances: (1) That all students and teachers in your school district be advised that students may stay seated for any Pledge exercise at the school; (2) That teachers and administrators be instructed that under no circumstances should they attempt to persuade students to refrain from exercising the right to nonparticipation, question students as to the reason for nonparticipation, or characterize opting out as misconduct or otherwise wrongful; and (3) That no disciplinary or other retaliatory measures of any kind will be directed toward any student or teacher for nonparticipation in the Pledge exercise.

Dale came under fire from some teachers and parents following his recommendation to fire popular French teacher Timothy Hirsh in 2015, which some called a power play by a man who retaliates against any sort of defiance, reported the Daily Breeze.

(Sources: American Humanist Association , Friendly Atheist, Daily Breeze, Photo Credit: Mira Costa High School)

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