Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Pushes Trump’s Smear of 75-Year-Old Man Assaulted by Buffalo Police

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who claims to be a Christian, parroted President Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory (which came from One America News) about Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old man who was assaulted by police in Buffalo, New York on June 4.

Trump described Gugino as an “Antifa provocateur” — without providing any evidence to prove Gugino is part of the Antifa movement — on June 9.

McEnany, who has a long history of lying, told “Fox and Friends” on June 10 claimed Trump was just “raising questions”:

The president was raising questions based on a report that he saw, questions that need to be asked and every case we can’t jump on one side without looking at all of the facts at play.

This individual has some very questionable tweets, some profanity-laden tweets about police officers. Of course no on condones any sort of violence. We need the appropriate amount of force used in any interaction, but there are a lot of questions in that case.

(Sources: Media Matters, Mediaite, Fox News via Twitter)

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