Presidential Historian Says Trump Is ‘10 Times Worse Than Nixon’

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss told MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber” that President Donald Trump’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and installing loyalist Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General was “ten times worse” than President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal:

Firing of Jeff Sessions — replaced by what looks like a loyalist, who is on the record for narrowing in this probe — where does this rate in comparison to Nixon.

Ari, if this is going the way this looks, this is ten times worse than Nixon because, let’s look, if this leads to let’s say the firing of Robert Mueller or the substantial limiting of this investigation — ten times worse than Nixon…

[Whitaker] by most accounts, not terribly qualified — by some accounts a political hack — by almost all accounts, someone who can be relied upon to be completely obedient to President Trump.

The case we’re dealing with is a possible covert relationship between an American president and a hostile foreign power. That’s way beyond Watergate.

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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