Preacher Blames ‘Fear-Mongering’ Media After He Causes Panic By Shouting At People During Movie

Police were called and moviegoers were injured when Pastor Michael Webber began shouting at people inside the Harkins Mountain Grove 16 movie theater in Redlands, California, on April 26.

Webber chose to preach about people dying and going to hell during the film “Avengers: Infinity War” when all the theater lights were off.

Webber’s preaching caused such a panic that moviegoers were trampled as they tried to exit, with one person jumping 20 feet off the balcony; the police were also called, noted KCAL.

Webber was charged with “using offensive language likely to cause a violent reaction,” but he told The Christian Post that the media is to blame (for factually reporting on mass shootings):

With reports almost daily that someone has killed multiple people in the news, it’s understandable that people were frightened when they heard someone shout “shooter.”

And seeing how much of the news coverage was not only inaccurate but blatant lies, I can’t help but think that fear-mongering on the part of the media plays a large role in people’s fears.

(Sources: The Christian Post, KCAL/YouTube)

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