Prankster Throws Water In Women’s Faces Amid Acid Attacks

YouTube prankster Arya Mosallah was filmed throwing water in the face of three women in London amid a string of acid attacks in the city.

Mosallah uploaded the video on his “ItzArya” YouTube account, provoking angry responses.

According to police, the UK has one of the highest number of recorded acid attacks in the world, notes The Independent.

There were ore than 400 acid attacks in the six months up to April 2016.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told The Independent that Mosallah could have been arrested for causing “fear, alarm or distress to members of the public.”

The police added: “We would encourage anyone who has been a victim of crime – through a prank or otherwise – to contact police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.”

(Sources: The Independent, Arya Mosallah via YouTube)

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