Prager University Tries to Smear Blacks on Welfare, Prager University Has Been on Corporate Welfare For 10 Years

Prager University, a pretend “university” co-created by right winger Dennis Prager, tried to smear black people who have used welfare, but failed to mention how Prager University has been on corporate welfare for 10 years.

ProPublica notes that the Prager University Foundation has been a 501(c)(3), a tax-exempt non-profit, since August 2010. That means Prager University has not paid income taxes for ten years, a form of corporate welfare.

In 2017, the Prager University Foundation received $10,238,171 in tax-free donations, according to tax filings at ProPublica.

Ignoring their own obvious hypocrisy, Prager University claimed on Twitter on July 2 (below) that welfare has somehow broken up black families since the 1960s, a tired old racist talking point.

The Los Angeles Times noted that welfare was cut during the Reagan administration during the 1980s, but single-parent black homes increased.

HuffPost reported that a single-parent home does not automatically mean a black child is fatherless.

(Sources: ProPublica, PragerU/Twitter, Counterpunch, Los Angeles Times, HuffPost)

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