Porter Airlines Employees Threaten Passengers With Criminal Arrest For Legally Filming

Toronto-bound Porter Airlines passengers, who were stranded at Boston Logan International Airport, were threatened with criminal arrest by Porter Airlines employees for filming inside the terminal on Jan. 5.

The Porter Airlines flight was cancelled because of a mechanical failure, but Porter Airlines refused to compensate by passengers by claiming the problem was actually the weather.

Kira Wegler, a Toronto resident, told Global News: 

There was a problem with the latch door to the luggage compartment and when it passed 10 o’clock apparently the crew couldn’t fly anymore because … in their words, “they would turn into pumpkins.”

After the flight was cancelled, some Porter passengers legally filmed the Porter staff telling them that they would not be fully compensated for their cancelled flight because the airline blamed the flight cancellation on the weather. 

While passengers filmed, a Porter Airlines employees falsely claimed the passengers could be arrested for filming.


Wegler recalled the threats to Global News:

At that point, the personnel came from behind the desk and started threatening us to call the police if we don’t delete the videos off of our phones and show evidence that it’s gone from our trash bin.

Ellen Howard, another Porter passenger, added:

They were going to have us arrested. It was very aggressive, taking away from the needs of us as clients and customers.

Rick Howard, another passenger, slammed the fascist-like commands made by Porter Airlines: 

Appalling. To me, in a free society, you should be able to videotape in a public place.

Kelly Smith, media relations manager for the Massachusetts Port Authority, added: 

No, there is no law or policy that prohibits filming inside Logan Airport, except in secure areas and of security procedures.

Brad Cicero, spokesperson for Porter Airlines, claimed there was a “misunderstanding” by one of their employees regarding this “particular airport,” but in reality passengers are allowed to film at all public airports.



Cicero added: “We do not have any policy that would prevent people from taking video at airports,” but the statement is meaningless because Porter Airlines cannot control filming in the terminals.

Porter airlines provided provided hotel accommodation and  the cost of some meals, but refused to pay the full compensation by blaming the weather for the “aircraft door issue.”

(Source: Global News)

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