Poll: White Evangelical Christian Support For Trump At All-Time High

A new poll by PRRI finds that white evangelical Christian support for President Donald Trump is at an all-time high at 75 percent, while only 22 percent see Trump as unfavorable.

White evangelical women support Trump at 71 percent, while 81 percent of white evangelical men support the president.

Sixty-eight percent of college-educated white evangelicals support Trump, while 78 percent of those without a college degree like the president.

If these numbers are accurate, then most white evangelical Christian are apparently not bothered by Trump’s racism, numerous lies, alleged sexual affair with Stormy Daniels and cover-up, permanent tax breaks for the rich, attempts to destroy healthcare coverage (Obamacare) and the criminal indictments/convictions of Trump’s campaign associates.

(Source: PRRI, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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