Poll: Most White Evangelicals Don’t Think Coronavirus is Major Threat to Americans’ Health

According to a new Pew survey, only 32% of white evangelical Protestants believe the deadly coronavirus poses a major threat to the health of Americans. And 76% believe the media has made a bigger deal of the coronavirus crisis than is needed.

While most deny COVID-19 is a major health threat, 64% do believe the coronavirus poses a major threat to the U.S. economy, which has been President Donald Trump’s position.

Only 26% believe that the coronavirus is a major danger to day-to-day life in their community.

The poll also found that 77% of the white evangelicals are at least somewhat confident that Trump is doing a good job responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump has repeatedly lied during the coronavirus outbreak, refused to send medical supplies to hospitals, made false claims about untested cures for the coronavirus, and claimed on March 27 that New York doesn’t need 30,000 ventilators to fight the deadly virus.

(Source: Pew Research Center)

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