Poll: Most Americans Not Seeing Change In Paychecks From GOP/Trump Tax Cut

A new CNBC All-America Economic Survey has found that 52 percent of Americans have not seen a change in their paychecks due to the Republican/Trump tax bill.

Only 32 percent said they are taking home more money from the tax cut, which gave billions in permanent tax cuts to wealthy corporations.

Of the Americans who claim they are taking home more pay, 38 percent of them said the extra money helps them a “great deal” or a “fair amount.”

But 40 percent of these people said the extra pay helps “some” or “just a little,” while 22 percent report that the extra pay “does not help much at all.”

Additionally, only 29 percent of Americans support Trump’s new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, while 36 percent of don’t have an opinion, and 35 percent oppose the tariffs. Forty-four percent fear the tariffs will raise prices.

(Source: CNBC, Photo Credit: Marco Verch/Flickr)

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