Poll: Half Of Pastors Approve Of Trump’s Job Performance

A new poll conducted by Nashville-based LifeWay Research has found that 51 percent of Protestant senior pastors approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance.

Twenty-five percent of senior pastors strongly approve of Trump and 20 percent were not sure; only 28 percent disapproved of Trump’s performance, notes Christianity Today.

A whopping 85 percent of African American pastors disapprove of Trump.

Across denominations. Pentecostals (86%) and Baptists (68%) were most likely to approve of Trump’s performance, followed by Church of Christ (55%), Lutherans (41%), Presbyterian/Reformed (28%) and Methodists (25%).

Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research, explained the poll results to Christianity Today:

With the majority of Protestant pastors identifying as Republican, it is not surprising that a majority approve of President Trump in his first term. Clearly, pastors’ political views factor in how they evaluate the president’s leadership and accomplishments in the first half of his term.

In his two years in office, Trump has imprisoned thousands of immigrant children, tried to ban Muslim travelers per their religion, covered up payoffs to two porn stars after alleged affairs, told numerous lies, tried to dismantle the nation’s health care system, passed a massive tax break for the rich, delayed emergency hurricane relief for Puerto Rico, attacked black football players for their non-violent protests of police brutality, appointed a Supreme Court justice who has multiple sexual abuse allegations and mocked a sexual abuse victim.

(Source: Christianity Today, Photo Credit: White House.gov)

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