Poll: 70% Of Republican Women Want Kavanaugh On Supreme Court

A new poll by CBS News finds that 70 percent of Republican women want Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed on the Supreme Court even though he has been accused of multiple sexual assaults and lying under oath during his testimony.

Eighty percent of Republican men believe Kavanaugh should be confirmed.

Republican women held a street rally for Kavanaugh and Trump in Bakersfield, California, on Sept. 30.

Susan Adams, a Kavanaugh supporter, told KGET that men need to be scared:

I don’t believe she’s credible. I’ve already seen the whole entire day of her testimony, and there are too many wholes. I don’t believe her at all. I think all men need to be scared after this, scared to even look at a women, let alone even put your hand on your wife’s back. This is ridiculous. this is a sham.

The Associated Press interviewed several Republican women who did not believe Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford:

It was too timely and strategic. Anything like that makes you question how true it is.

Possibly something happened to her. But I think she embellished what happened, or she would have gone to some authority or said something about it years ago.

I’m very empathetic to women who’ve been through this type of situation. But on the other side, we have laws in this country that protect individuals from being wrongfully accused.

If you’re going to use sexual assault to slow somebody down, it had better be the truth. Even if Brett Kavanaugh is innocent, he is still going to live with this the rest of his life.

(Sources: CBS News, KGET, The Associated Press)

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