Poll: 49% Of Republican Men Won’t Get Life-Saving COVID Vaccine

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds that 49 percent of Republican men say they will not get the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine, while 47 percent of Trump voters are also refusing the scientifically proven vaccinations. A whopping 40 percent of men without college degrees and 38 percent of evangelical Christians are also rejecting the science-based vaccine.

NPR also notes that “73% of Black people and 70% of White people said that they either planned to get a coronavirus vaccine or had done so already; 25% of Black respondents and 28% of white respondents said they did not plan to get a shot. Latino respondents were slightly more likely to say they would not get vaccinated at 37%, compared with 63% who either had or intended to get a vaccine.”

(Source: NPR)

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