Poll: 49% of Pastors Hear Conspiracy Theories in Churches, 61% of Large Church Pastors Believe Lies

According to a new poll by Lifeway Research, 49% of protestant pastors say they have heard conspiracy theories spouted by people in their churches, and 61% of pastors with more than 250 churchgoers in attendance are the most likely to believe the insane claims.

When broken down by race, 50% of white pastors were more likely to agree with conspiracy theories, while 36% of Black pastors signed on.

Additionally, 50% of male pastors were likely to believe conspiratorial nonsense, while 35% of female pastors agreed with wild rumors.

Scott McConnell, executive director of Lifeway Research, was stunned by the results:

Christian churches resolve to be places focused on the truth. Yet, half of pastors hear the spread of assumptions about plots often. This is a startling disconnect.

While conspiracy theories may be embraced by a minority of churchgoers, the larger the church the more minds and mouths exist to be misled.

At this time, it appears more of the theories are traveling in politically conservative circles which corresponds to the higher percentages in the churches led by white Protestant pastors.

(Source: Lifeway Research, Photo Credit: The White House)

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