Police Use Taser On Alaska Man While He Presents Case In Court

David Haeg was tased by police inside the Anchorage Nesbett Courthouse in Alaska on Dec. 18 while presenting his case.

Haeg was in court for a hearing regarding his 2004 conviction for illegally killing wolves, notes KTUU.

A crowd of his family, friends and supporters packed the court while he accused authorities of falsifying a map that he said was used to convict him.

However, the judge closed the case and ordered everyone out of the courtroom.

Hard countered: “This is our courtroom and we have evidence…. If you want to arrest me and drag me off, that’s the only way I’m leaving,”

As onlookers shouted at the police to stop, Haeg was tased by Alaska State Troopers and Court Services Officers, and charged with disorderly conduct.

Haeg told KTUU via email:

I don’t remember specifically stating I would have to be arrested, but if I did it was because I realized I was going to be deprived of my constitutional right to an evidentiary hearing to prove the items above.

It was pretty traumatic. But court security officials did no more than necessary to prevent me from testifying about the constitutional violations above.

Haeg said the police took him to a holding cell, and he had his wounds photographed:

I was in pain. My legs and back are covered in large welts, as a result of being tased so many times – approximately 10.

Haeg is expected back in court in a month’s time on the disorderly conduct charge.

Anchorage Judicial Services Supervisor Lt. Robert French told the news station:

There’s no hard and fast rule for deploying a taser [in a courtroom]. It’s situational dependent…. There’s a checklist of escalation such as, “Is this hostile?”

(Sources: KTUUAlaska, State of Corruption/Facebook)

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