Police Use Pepper Spray On Epileptic Man Having Seizure

Video has surfaced of police taking down and pepper spraying Taharqa Dean, who was experiencing an epileptic seizure in Glassboro, New Jersey in September 2015.

Dean ended up in a hospital with multiple injuries, notes NJ Advance Media.

The cops and paramedics were called to the scene because Dean was wandering a street after having a seizure. 

The police report claims that Dean was trying to get out of an ambulance, and was allegedly kicking and fighting paramedics.

The video shows Dean speaking incoherently, stumbling out of an ambulance and being tackled by two police officers who shove his face into the pavement; Dean bites one of the officers before they handcuff him.

The police report claims that Dean was reaching for an officer’s gun, but that does not happen in the video.

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey notes that after people have seizures they are often disoriented, do not know where they are and don’t understand people trying to talk to them.

Dean has filed a $2 million lawsuit against the police department for using excessive force and a “merciless assault” while his seizure symptoms made him incapable of obeying their commands.

(Source:  NJ Advance Media)

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