Police Tase And Shoot Dog For Protecting Its Home, Dispose Of Body Before Telling Owner

Police in Binghamton, New York, were filmed tasing and shooting a dog that was protecting its home on Oct. 17 (more video below).

The cops claim they were called to the scene because of a dog bite. The dog’s owner Estavia Cron told WBNG that she received a phone call at work about “Gotti” being shot.

When Cron got home, all she found was a note saying that her brother had been bitten and her dog was killed. The police had already disposed of Gotti’s body in a landfill.

Cron told The Free Thought Project that her brother and his friends broke into her home without permission, so her dog bit one of them on the ankle.

Cron recalled that her brother called the police who came and killed her dog, which was trapped in alleyway outside of the apartment.

Cron has started a petition calling for “Justice for Gotti” that states:

Why should a police officer who is trained to deal with dogs be able to shoot one dead with no action other then assumptions? Why can the health department despose of a dead animal body in a land fill with no call to the owner???

(Source: WBNG via YouTube, The Free Thought Project, The Petition Site)

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