Police Stop Black Man, Demand He Explain His Presence

A black man, Samuel Eni, was stopped at the Paddington train station in London by a white police officer who demanded that Eni explain his presence on Aug. 8.

Britain’s “stop and account police power” allows the cops to stop innocent people and demand to know what they are innocently doing, which is what happened to Eni who was trying to catch a train.

Eni told BBC News that Eni missed the train to work. Eni was technically free to leave at any time, but felt intimidated:

I had no problem with complying, but the grounds he was stopping me on just didn’t make sense.

After I’d asked him if I fitted into a profile of a criminal or terrorist, he said “No.”

I felt like that’s something they could take advantage of. I didn’t feel I could leave at any point.

The Metropolitan Police insisted the stop wasn’t racist and was part of a joint operation with the British Transport Police.

(Sources: Samuel Eni/Twitter, BBC News)

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