Police Shoot At Unarmed Black Man, Stephon Clark, 20 Times

Police helicopter footage and body cam video (below) of officers shooting an unarmed black man, Stephon Clark, 20 times outside his grandparents’ home in Sacramento, California, on March 18.

The cops had been called to the area over reports of car break-ins, notes HuffPost.

The police helicopter video and body cam footage resembled military maneuvers.

Police claimed they believed Clark was armed with a gun and feared for their lives, but only a cellphone was found on the 22-year-old father of two.

Helicopter thermal video shows the officer chasing Clark through the residential neighborhood before cornering him in his grandparents’ backyard.

One officer yelled, “Hey, show me your hands! Gun! Gun! Gun!” as both cops opened fired.

After firing 20 bullets, one of the officers says he going to do a “tactical reload.”

The police stand for several minutes with their guns trained on Clark as they bark orders at the dying man.

After more officers arrive, one the cops says, “Hey mute,” and police turn off the audio of their body cams, but are seen talking.

Clark’s aunt, Saquoia Durham, told The Sacramento Bee that the police did not give Clark a chance:

As soon as they did the command, they started shooting. They said “put your hands up, gu”‘ and then they just let loose on my nephew.

They didn’t give him a chance to put his hands up or anything, and then when they shot him down, they knew they messed up.

Sacramento Police Sgt. Vance Chandler told KCRA:

During that pursuit the subject turned toward our officers with both arms out and had an object pointed at our officers and our officers believed it was a firearm and they feared for their safety. And they fired their weapons to basically protect themselves.

(Sources: The Sacramento Bee), HuffPost, KCRA)

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