Police Shoot and Kill Black Teen Girl Armed With Knife in Columbus, Ohio– Witnesses Say Cops Yelled ‘Blue Lives Matter’

A police officer fired four shots at a 16-year-old Black girl, Ma’Khia Bryant, who swung at two other people with a knife in Columbus, Ohio, on April 20, reports The Associated Press (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

Officials with the Columbus Division of Police said the officer, who fired his gun, has been “taken off the street” while the criminal investigation is ongoing. Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said based on the footage “the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community.”

Interim Police Chief Michael Woods said at a news conference the video began after the police got out of his police cruiser at a house where police had been dispatched after someone called 911 saying they were being physically threatened.

Ma’Khia’s mother, Paula Bryant, told WBNS that her daughter was in foster care and was the one who called the police: “My daughter dispatched Columbus police for protection, not to be a homicide today.”

After the fatal shooting, a group of witnesses said some nearby cops yelled, “Blue lives matter!” but it is not clear from the video if the police said that.

(Sources: Twitter, The Associated Press, WBNS)

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