Police Raid Wrong Home, Throw Innocent Pregnant Woman On Ground

Police in Sacramento, California, tossed Zityrua Abraham, who is pregnant, on the ground when they raided the wrong home on July 9.

The Sacramento Police Department refused to release police body cam video of the incident for a month, but it was recently released.

Abraham, who was seven months pregnant when police stormed her apartment, told KTXL: “My first reaction was… I was shocked a little bit and I was just irritated.”

Abraham is upset because there’s no video of her hitting the ground, but she is seen hitting the ground in an image reflected in the window of her home.

According to police, the cops were in pursuit of a suspect linked to a stolen car when they raided Abraham’s home.

The police wrongly believed that Abraham’s mother’s boyfriend was a violent felon.

According to police, the boyfriend ignored their commands and Abraham tried to block them.

Sacramento Police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein said: “At that point one of the officers grabbed the female by the arm. During that time she fell to the ground.”

“I have a baby in my stomach, I’m not fixing to just fall or exaggeratedly fall,” Abraham said. “I’m not fixing to do anything to harm my son.”

The Sacramento Police Department initially refused to investigate the incident, but now there is an investigation, according to Heinlein.

“I wasn’t in the way,” Abraham added. “I was telling them this is my home, trying to figure out what’s going on. I got a one-year-old that lives here. We wasn’t doing nothing but minding our business that day.”

Heinlein call it “an unfortunate incident that happened during a very fluid situation.”

Abraham countered: “I knew they were going to try to justify this whole thing. Right is right and wrong is wrong and. That was wrong what they did, all the way around.”

Abraham was taken to the hospital shortly after the incident, and has been having contractions ever since.

Neither Abraham or her mother’s boyfriend were arrested.

(Source: KTXL)

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