Police Point Guns At Disabled Black Boy, 6, During Search For Stolen Phones

LaDonna Clark told the Raleigh City Council in North Carolina that the police pulled on guns on her elderly parents and six-year-old disabled boy in November 2018, notes WTVD:

My senior citizen parents, as well as my 6-year-old son with autism and cerebral palsy, experienced the most terrorizing experience of their lives.

On a 35 degree and rainy night, my son with autism was forced out of the home with military-style rifles aimed at him and made to sit on the cold, wet ground for over an hour by RPD Swat.

Officers were searching the Clark family’s house for stolen cellphones from an AT&T store that had been allegedly robbed by Brian Lamonte Clark (and others) who lived at the house, notes WRAL.

LaDonna said she filed a complaint and requested police body can video from the incident:

However, the joke was on me, because not only was I not allowed to see the footage of my son being terrorized, I was told by Sgt. Neville that I could not get an I.A. number and I would need to identify the actual offenses of the officers involved, as well as do a verbal interview before I would be able to get an I.A. number….What will City Council do to begin the process of police accountability to avoid travesties like my family’s?

(Sources: WRAL, WTVD)

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