Police Pepper-Spray Veteran For Not Getting Out Of Mobility Scooter At Walmart

A veteran was pepper-sprayed by police inside a Walmart for not getting out of his mobility scooter in Muskogee, Oklahoma on Dec. 28, 2018.

Police claimed the man refused to show his ID to Walmart employees while trying to buy alcohol, notes KJRH.

Police officers arrived on the scene and also deamnded to see the man’s ID, but when he refused to show it, the police escalated the incident to criminal “obstruction” and trespassing on Walmart property.

Police said they demanded the veteran get out of the Walmart motorized scooter, and into his wheelchair:

The man was told that he would be pepper sprayed if he continued to resist arrest, so he was pepper sprayed. The man continued to resist officers until he was placed into handcuffs.

EMS was later called, and the veteran was transported to a Tulsa hospital for injuries.

(Sources: KJRH), KOTV)

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  1. before this,he could walk on one leg with assistance of a walker, not any more.Cops arent cops because they are smart.


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