Police: Naked Couple Found In Car, Charged With Selling Fake Heroin

Police in Gallatin, Tennessee, arrested two naked people inside a car on Dec. 28, 2017.

While responding to a call about an unconscious driver, Officer Darren Rager approached a car parked behind a gas station.

On his body cam video, Rager can be heard asking: “Is there somebody in the backseat?”

Rager claimed he saw two naked people: Brett Clark in the driver’s seat and Valerie Wilson in the backseat.

Rager asked:  “Why are you naked? Put some pants on. This is awkward.”

According to police, a search of the car turned up a stolen gun and other stolen items “including watches, jewelry, DVDs, batteries, knives, keys, a dozen cell phones, and stolen badges—a Massachusetts civil defense badge and a fugitive recovery agent badge,” notes WRKN.

According to authorities, the naked couple said they were homeless and living in the car because of their drug addictions. 

The couple were charged with drugs for resale, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of stolen property, and sale of  counterfeit heroin (the dietary supplement Benefiber).

(Source: WKRN)

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