Police: Mom Tied Boy To Minivan Roof To Hold Down Plastic Pool

Amber Schmunk allegedly tied a boy to the top of her minivan so that he could hold down a plastic pool that she was transporting in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, on Sept. 9.

Schmunk was charged with second degree recklessly endangering safety.

A witness reportedly called the police and followed the minivan until the female driver stopped and took the boy off the roof.

WDJT notes that “Schmunk told police that they picked up the plastic pool at a residence and did not have enough room inside the minivan. She stated she decided to put the pool on top of the minivan but had no way to strap it down so she had her son climb on the roof and hold it down while she drove.”

Schmunk allegedly told the cops that she thought it was “ok” because her dad let her do similar stunts when she was the boy’s age.  

WDJT reports “Shmunk also stated it was safe because she used a strap to tie her son down on top of the pool.”

(Sources: WDJT, KTVT via YouTube)

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