Police Joke About Beating, Macing People In St. Louis

Missouri State Representative Bruce Franks Jr. released police body cam video from Dec. 24, 2014 of St. Louis County police officers bragging about beating and macing people, including Franks.

Franks was reportedly at a protest against the police shooting of Antonio Martin.

Franks’ group, the Peacekeepers, who went to de-escalate the situation, bit arrests and beatings followed.

Franks claims that he was refused medical treatment for a concussion and a torn rotator cuff during his arrest, notes RT.com.

The charges against Franks were dropped, bit Franks filed a federal lawsuit against St. Louis County, Bel-Ridge police officer Philip Von Der Heydt, and St. Louis County police officers Timothy Anderer and Stephen Owens.

Franks claims that police clubbed him with a baton, kicked him and maced him despite his compliance, which is what the police body cam video appears to show.

Officer Timothy Anderer reportedly is heard on the video bragging:

I went through a whole can of mace. I had a couple of little good kicks. One of the f**king white bi**hes caught me spraying everybody, so she’s on my ass. I’m hiding back here for a little bit. This is a terrible place to fight people. Look at all these f**king lights and everything else.

The St. Louis County police said issued a statement:

We can confirm that some of our police officers were involved in the protest shown in the video from four years ago in December of 2014.

The protest turned violent, and subjects were taken into custody. Any use of force that occurred was documented and internal investigations were conducted as part of that review.

We can not further comment on the actions taken by officers that night due to pending litigation.

(Sources: Bruce Franks Jr./Twitter, RT.com)

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