Police Enter Home Without Warrant, Break Woman’s Ankle, She Gets $6.7 Million

Taxpayers in Santa Clara, California are going to have to pay $6.7 million to Danielle Burfine because police broke down her front door without a warrant, entered her home illegally and broke her leg on April 12, 2016.

The incident, captured on a police body cam, shows the police telling Burfine that she has to answer their questions before they call the paramedics for her injury.

The cops came to Burfine’s home to arrest her 15-year-old daughter, but failed to follow the law by bringing a warrant.

The daughter was wanted for an arson incident at Santa Clara High School, notes The Mercury News.

Burfine refused to allow the cops to enter, so a Santa Clara police sergeant kicked in the front door and brought down Burfine, whose last name was Harmon when she filed her lawsuit.

The entire incident was caught on police body cam.

The teen daughter was arrested, and, later, convicted for arson.

Burfine’s lawyer Michael Haddad said that Burfine developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which “is likely to be permanently disabling.”

“This shocking video shows obvious excessive force, wrongful entry without a warrant, and extreme callousness as Danielle broke her ankle and cried in pain,” Haddad added.

Santa Clara City Attorney Brian Doyle released a statement:

Although there was significant disagreement about the extent of the injury, there was no dispute that the plaintiff sustained a broken ankle in the course of the entry to the plaintiff’s home without a warrant.

The city’s insurer determined that the most prudent course of action was for it to pay an amount that would result in settlement.

(Source: The Mercury News)

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