Police: Chicago Man Shot Dead By Neighbor In Argument Over Dogs Peeing

 A man allegedly shot and killed his neighbor over an argument about the neighbor’s dogs urinating on the man’s property on Aug. 3 in Chicago.

Earl Young was struck in the left arm and chest and pronounced dead on the scene. Despite several witnesses, no arrests have been made in the case.

Darnell Payne, a mentor to Young, told WBBM details of the incident:

[Two] puppies were peeing on the porch. The pee ran down the porch to the neighbor’s. How are we so petty now that we live in a world that you could lose your life over puppy pee?

Young and the neighbor exchanged words before the neighbor killed Young, according to police.

Payne recalled that it was rough weekend for Chicago  as 12 people were killed and 54 were wounded in shootings:

I’m upset everyone is making this so political, but it’s so simple and that’s actually caring about where these kids are and what they are doing.

I have to stand before 3,400 people Saturday and make them think everything is going to be okay, when I’m not sure that everything is going to be okay.

(Source: WBBM)

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