Police Called On Boy Selling Hot Chocolate In Pennsylvania

Police were called on an 11-year-old boy who was selling hot chocolate in frigid Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania.

The boy, Andrew Donaldson, recalled the incident to WTAE:

I was kind of bored, so I was like, I can just come out and do something, so I came out and sold hot cocoa. [The police] asked if I was by myself, and I said, “No, the babysitter is in the house.”

Andrew’s parents were told that a busybody neighbor called armed law enforcement after seeing the boy outside and being concerned about the temperatures.

Rebecca Lukens, Andrew’s mom, didn’t mind that the police were called on her innocent son, a situation that has turned deadly many times:

Whoever called the cops on him are the real MVPs because we learned that the local police were really friendly.

(Source: WTAE)

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