Police Called On Black Boy, 12, For Mowing Lawn In Ohio

The police were called on Reggie Fields, a 12-year-old  boy, in Maple Heights, Ohio, because he was cutting a customer’s lawn (raw video below).

Reggie runs Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service, which includes his cousins, brothers and sisters.

An unidentified neighbor of Reggie’s customer, Lucille Holt, called the police because the neighbor believed Reggie was also cutting a part of their lawn.

“They said I was cutting their grass. I didn’t know it!” Reggie told WEWS.

Holt filmed the incident and posted the video on Facebook. She accused her neighbors of calling the police over minor things:

I guess I have a line where part of it is now my yard. They called the police to tell the police that the kids was cutting they grass.

Holt said Reggie is getting support from people who have seen the video on Facebook:

People are inboxing me like, “how can I get in touch with this children? Where are they at? I got property I want these kids to cut.”

Reggie, his siblings and his cousins are getting calls for work all over the city.

Reggie told WEWS: “Just give me a call. I will be there. On time!”

The neighbor who called police refused to go on camera with the news station.

(Sources: WEWS, Lucille Holt?Facebook)

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