Police: Brad Parscale’s Wife Had Multiple Bruises, She Called 911 After Hearing Him Fire Gun Inside Their House, 10 Firearms Found

Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, said that former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, who was taken to a mental hospital on Sept. 27 after threatening to shoot himself, had ten guns in his $2.5 million home.

According to police, Parscale ‘s wife Candice had “several bruises on both of her arms as well as scratches and bruising on her face,” which she said happened a few days ago during a physical altercation with Brad, notes WPLG.

Police said that Candice called 911 and “immediately fled [the] residence and stated she heard a loud bang shortly after.”

Candice told police that Brad drinks and “suffers from PTSD.”

Officer Christopher Wilson, who is a personal friend of Brad, helped get him out of the house, but Brad was taken down outside by another officer who said he used a “double leg takedown” after Brad didn’t comply with commands to get on the ground.

(Source: WPLG)

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