Police Body Cam Video Shows Cop Tackling Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale

Police released a body cam video of a cop tacking former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Sept. 27.

Parscale’s wife, Candice, told police that her husband chambered a round into a pistol during an argument, notes the Sun Sentinel.

Candice said she heard a gunshot shortly after leaving their $2 million home, and was afraid Brad was going to kill himself, but she later told the police she couldn’t be sure if it was a gunshot, or a car backfiring.

Police reportedly found 10 firearms in the house, including several pistols, a shotgun and rifle.

Brad was involuntarily committed for psychiatric evaluation under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows authorities to detain a person at a mental health facility for up to 72 hours.

(Source: Sun Sentinel)

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