Police: Assault ‘Victim’ Charged Others With Knife First In Road Rage

Police have released a surveillance video that shows a white male charging people with a knife during a road rage incident on Oct. 14 at a gas station in Florissant, Missouri.

According to police, the white man contacted authorities and claimed that he was assaulted, notes KMOV.

Police said the surveillance video and witness statements found that the white male’s claims and similar claims on social media were “misleading and inaccurate.”

The video surveillance footage reportedly showed the white male and a white female, in a white vehicle, threaten a black man and a Hispanic man in a maroon vehicle.

The white man reportedly pushed the Hispanic man, walked back toward his vehicle, but then charged the two men with a knife.

After the white man later retreated back to his vehicle, the black man approached and allegedly struck him through the driver’s side window.

All the individuals involved in the incident were charged, according to police, but their names have not been released.

(Source: KMOV)

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